Why choose the RES group?

The RES group is comprised of dedicated, knowledgeable, and specially trained private investigators. All members of the company play a major role. Making sure to work as a team in order to complete daily duties and to efficiently accomplish the jobs at hand. The founder of the company has completed a college level education in this special field. He has received a BS in Administration of Criminal Justice, is ACFE Certified, and holds many other training credentials, all pertaining to the private investigation field.

However, none of that matters without any real life experience in the field obtained through years of hands on work. This same work experience has untold value and builds on with each and every instance that a new case is developed. The RES Group’s roots, knowledge, and experience, can be dated as far back as to 1994. The founder was already working the private investigation field. Constantly building his knowledge and experience with each passing day. This is where our motto originates, from the experience that each case is unique. This is why we believe that using a blanket approach, treating every case the same, would never work. In other words, we never use the blanket approach on any case. Let us treat your case with the utmost dedication by providing a unique strategy, no matter the situation.

Our clients agree. Let us demonstrate that to you now and become a part of our satisfied client list! Detailed reports are handed out for every case. We strive to produce the results desired. In situations where no results are produced, we may be able to provide leads and if the customer would like, we will continue to investigate the matter. All cases include a detailed report that let’s the customer know that the investigator was at said place and said time. Providing pictures and any possible documents as proof of work.

 We will build our strategy around your case, never your case around our strategy. Our method applies in all our work, with the client especially in mind. We understand that just like each case, everyone is different. Each person thinks in their own individual way, each person with different expectations, approaches and ideas. Therefore, we believe that communication is essential. It is the key to success!

Let’s discuss your case and we will offer you a unique plan of action, all tailored around your problem and concerns. Lets us work for you today and extend a plan that will be striving to have you reach a peace of mind, whatever that will be in your case.